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Autumn Calling BOM


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I first launched this BOM in Australia in 2020 as my second ever BOM program. I had thought the 2019 BOM Etoile was hard work, but this baby caused me far more tears! Who'd have thought it possible?

I wanted my design and colours of that year to be markedly different from Etoile, and to have a real seasonal feel. My birthday is in Autumn (if you're in the southern hemisphere!), and being huge fan of oranges, greens and deep reds, I had such fun going on a hunt to find the perfect fabrics to create this BOM. I knew I'd hit the jackpot on green when the Dargate range fabrics hit the floor! I also wanted to include a breadth of skills again, so you'll find yourself doing appliqué, paper piecing and traditional hand-piecing in this design too.

I'm thrilled to be able to launch this again in the UK this year!


Option 1

BOM Cost: £18 p/m + postage

Programme length: 12 months, starting first week February 2022

Inclusions each month: Original fabric, pattern & templates (mylar, acrylic and papers depending on the month)


Option 2

If you'd like to get the whole program upfront it will be £180 + postage. That's a 15% saving on the BOM program!